Who we are

Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and has attracted businesses and individual entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and expertise. If you are currently considering whether to enter the cannabis industry, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. Delta Tetra Consultancy is an excellent place to start for those looking for an insight into the potential of the emerging Medical Cannabis industry.

The team at Delta Tetra have been working advocates of Medical Cannabis and its legalisation in Australia for over a decade. Delta fully understands what the medical, environmental, social and commercial benefits that cannabis legalisation would bring to Australian communities, the founders of Delta Tetra strive to contribute to the production of safe and effective medical-grade cannabis. The team have worked throughout varying careers and consistently invested personal time and effort into increasing their knowledge and network.

Delta Tetra has contributed, and will continue, to the general education around health benefits of medical cannabis oil to ill patients through public forums such as social media and parliamentary debates. With this long-standing experience of the medical cannabis industry and an extensive network of partners it is possible for Delta to add significant benefit to any project, no matter how small or how large.

Because of this Delta Tetra prides itself on being the leading medical cannabis consultancy firm in Australia.

Areas we specialise in

Delta Tetra Consultancy is a specialised professional medical cannabis management company that provides select businesses across Australia with turnkey ‘Cannabusiness’ management services. Our ongoing industry experience, technical knowledge and our endless pursuit of industry innovation and adherence to industry best practices, allows Delta Tetra Consultancy to provide our clients with best-in-class services in the following areas:

  • Planning & Strategy

    • Project Assessment
    • Technical Reviews
    • Fit & Proper Person Analysis
  • Development

    • Regulatory Applications
    • Facility Blueprints & Design
    • Facility Safety & Environment
    • Facility & Product Security
  • Operational

    • Seed & Genetic Evaluation
    • Consumables & Hardware
    • Cultivation Methodology & Training
    • Harvesting Storage & Waste
    • Transport & Logistics
  • Growth

    • Project Management
    • Brand Diversification
    • Team Training
    • Networking Opportunities and R&D

Who we work with

At Delta Tetra, we believe you can tell a great deal by the company that you keep. We have worked hard to develop relationships that can bring relevant experience and quality to both your project and team. At Delta Tetra, we take pride in our approach, but we are mindful of the need for speciality too.

Through focussed collaboration, Delta Tetra can make sure you have the support you need, when you need it. We want our clients to feel as comfortable with our Support Partners as you do with us.

This is why we have selected global leaders in their fields to give us a focussed and a specialised approach when we need it the most. With the team at Delta Tetra and our support partners, we find the creative flare that can take your ideas within a new and developing space and turn them in to an industry leading company.

Plant Growth Chambers
Seed-To-Sale Cannabis Software
Professional Cannabis Cultivation
Hydroponics Manufacturer and Distributor
Specialized Horticultural Lighting
Strain Acquisition & Genetic Analysis
Logistical Security Specialist
Strain Acquisition & Specialised Cultivation
Patient Advocacy & Healthcare Industry Education