Industry Overview in Australia

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The medical cannabis industry within Australia has been in operation for just under one year, we have seen leaps forward by some companies and some slow movements from the others. The regulation as it stands is a great fundamental basis to build from, there are aspects which are marvelous such as ensuring patients medicines that are needed are created to a very high standard, a special access scheme which allows the import of medicine to assist in the short time, but the standard of medicines may not be up to quality needed. With that being said though, the legislation has had its fair share of controversy as well with-out much surprise both in federal and state levels.

As it is a brand-new industry in Australia, the regulation is bound to change as the government sees the holes and attempts to seal them to ensure a smoother running system for all. Currently, the system for patient access within Australia has faltered, creating some slight issues in the regard of prescribing the medicine through doctors to collecting the medicine itself. This needs to be solved collectively within the Industry to assist with a broader variety of patients arising every day.

In the last two months, the industry has moved quickly to set-up facilities to enable the research, cultivate & manufacture of cannabis whole plant and the oil’s they can produce. This is a very electrifying moment for many as the medicine needed will be grown here in Australia for the Australian people, A very exciting thought to many not just myself. I hope to see the industry continue to move forward as a whole in order to assist the patients in need, as that is the main reason this entire situation has even begun, to help them.

With continual change to the regulation, the Australian government is looking to enable the export of cannabis (both flower and botanical extracted oil’s) to other federally legal nations globally, a very exciting thought for cultivators & manufacturers in Australia. This being a great step forward economically, but first I feel that the nation needs to assess its issues within its own soil before expanding outwards to ensure the patients here easy access to the medicine’s required.