Who we work with

At Delta Tetra, we believe you can tell a great deal by the company that you keep. We have worked hard to develop relationships that can bring relevant experience and quality to both your project and team. At Delta Tetra, we take pride in our approach, but we are mindful of the need for speciality too.

Through focussed collaboration, Delta Tetra can make sure you have the support you need, when you need it. We want our clients to feel as comfortable with our Support Partners as you do with us.

This is why we have selected global leaders in their fields to give us a focussed and a specialised approach when we need it the most. With the team at Delta Tetra and our support partners, we find the creative flare that can take your ideas within a new and developing space and turn them in to an industry leading company.

  • Conviron


    Plant Growth Chambers

    Established in 1964, Conviron is a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of controlled environment systems. Conviron offer a broad spectrum of products and services uniquely tailored to Delta Tetra client projects. Conviron’s product offering ranges from standard products, to highly configured products, to custom solutions.

    Delta Tetra offers Conviron products exclusively throughout the Australasian region. Conviron, as the world’s largest supplier of plant growth chambers and high-performance research greenhouses, allows Delta Tetra to bring superior products and services in environmental control rooms.

    Headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada, Conviron employs a global sales and distribution network with product placements in more than 90 countries worldwide. Delta Tetra is thrilled to offer Conviron to our expanding client base.

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  • Ample Organics

    Ample Organics

    #1 Seed-To-Sale Cannabis Software

    Ample Organics is the worlds first cannabis specific SAP and audit system. Developed in Canada under Federal regulation and Health Canada, Ample Organics allows you to grow, package and sell your products with a tracking solution purpose built for government regulation.

    Ample Organics powers licensed producers through purpose built tracking and audit systems for the following workflow phases:

    • Growth & Production
    • Manufacture & Extraction
    • Client Management
    • Packaging and Fulfilment
    • Quality Assurance & Reporting

    The Ample Organics team is comprised of cannabis industry experts with years of experience managing the technological infrastructure of some of Canada’s largest production facilities. Our clients rely on the Ample Organics platform to track and report every stage of business, from seed to sale, and from patient to government.

    Delta Tetra works closely with Ample Organics to ensure the Australian industry has access to tried and tested products and services from around the world

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  • Plant Geek Consulting LLC

    Plant Geek Consulting LLC

    Damian Solomon

    Delta Tetra is proudly offering Plant Geek products and services exclusively around Australasia.

    Plant Geek, led by founder and CEO, Damian Solomon will create, develop and implement cutting edge GAP crop cultivation systems in select facilities around Australasia.

    With a strong focus around development and implementation of cannabis specific cultivation methodology and operating procedures, Plant Geek Consulting offers unrivalled cultivation expertise to Delta Tetra clients.

    Working together, experts from Delta Tetra will work closely with Plant Geek Consulting to launch a new set of tools and services that better help licensed producers transform how they engage with cannabis cultivation.


    Professional Cannabis Cultivation

    MJardin is a private company that provides turnkey cannabis management to select legal cannabis businesses in the US and internationally. Awarded as a 2016 Top 10 Ancillary Business by the Cannabis Business Executive and recognized as an industry leader, our team is comprised of educated professionals with over 200 years of combined commercial cultivation experience and advanced education. We staff and manage the facilities (indoor, greenhouse, outdoor) so our clients can focus on operating their businesses. Unique because of our size and scope of expertise in the legal cannabis industry, as well as our effective balance of business professionalism and cannabis know how, the MJardin team provides our clients with an exceptional level of service and transparency following industry business practices. Our goal is to maximize long-term facility efficiencies, yield, and quality of finished product; exceed standards of compliance; and minimize production costs…all benefiting our clients’ bottom line.

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  • WHG

    Hydroponics Manufacturer and Distributor

    WHG are the most trusted and experienced hydroponic manufacturers and distributors in Australia. WHG was created to help meet consumer demands within the hydroponics market for a higher quality of service, and products that are tested, designed and used by Australian’s to meet the diverse and often tough Australian conditions and standards. Boasting access to an extensive range of hardware, and producing several of Australia’s best and most popular products within the hydroponics industry, as well as vast practical knowledge – allow WHG to remain leaders of the Australian market. Delta prides itself in working with hydroponic professionals as commendable as these, in order to streamline your potential facility with only premium products and services.

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  • Gavita

    Specialized Horticultural Lighting

    Gavita is the largest specialized horticultural lighting company in the world. The organisation is active on all five continents with projects ranging from single fixtures to large greenhouses with well over 100,000 fixtures, serving the retail, research and professional horticultural market.

    Delta Tetra is honoured to call Gavita a support partner, as they are the most tenured & specialised horticultural lighting company, building on more than 30 years of accumulated knowledge and innovation. As a development partner of Philips, General Electric and Osram – Gavita designs and produces state of the art electronic ballasts, high efficiency reflectors and complete fixtures. The key values of Gavita are customer service and product excellence. Always in the forefront of technology Gavita is synonymous for innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. Gavita will provide the Australian Medical Cannabis market with access to the highest quality of hardware needed for any operation.

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  • Source Certain International

    Logistical Security Specialist

    Current approaches to Quality Assurance (QA) and Traceability have not kept pace with the integration and complexity of the global supply chain. Source Certain brings breakthrough technology that Delta can assure will improve the overall security of your Medical Cannabis logistics and supply chain. Source Certain is a global service business commercialising the unique traceability technology and capabilities. Source Certain delivers supply chain traceability and verification services, enabling its clients too robustly and independently trace products at any point in the supply chain, to its source. Source Certain offers a real security solution for supply chains and builds confidence, in turn developing trust with consumers. This is a logistical security specialist in which Delta belives will efficiently refine the Medical Cannabis industry of Australia.

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  • DNA Genetics

    Strain Acquisition & Genetic Analysis

    DNA has won over 150 awards for their contributions to the cannabis industry throughout the world. DNA has won the illustrious High Times ‘Top 10 Strain of the Year’ award more than five times, is the only seed company to have received every award presented at the High Times Cannabis Cup events and was inducted into the High Times Seedbank Hall of Fame in 2009. DNA Genetics supports Delta Tetra with genetic analysis, strain acquisition and strain specified cultivation expertise.

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  • RB26

    Strain Acquisition & Specialised Cultivation

    Grayson founded RB26 California in an effort to satiate the immense demand for ultra-premium, branded cannabis cultivated from proprietary strains. Featured by numerous media publications such as WeedMaps, Marijuana, and Cannabis Now, RB26 products are unrivalled in their potency, quality, and consistency. To date, RB26 strains have collected 11 first place cannabis awards and over fifty 30%+ test results, as verified by SC Labs. In 2014 Grayson moved to Denver as a Strategic Account Consultant for Cannlabs, a publicly traded company on the NYSE and the first fully licensed testing laboratory in Colorado. During his time there, Grayson worked directly with some of the largest cannabis companies in the world, creating operational efficiencies, streamlining grow processes, and expanding his network. RB-26 supports Delta Tetra with specialised strain acquisition and specified strain cultivation expertise.

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  • United in Compassion

    Registered Charity

    Patient Advocacy & Healthcare Industry Education

    UIC is a charitable organisation focused on patient advocacy for the dignified alleviation of suffering, with compassion & empathy. Our philosophy is the dignified alleviation of suffering with compassion & empathy according to “Dan’s Test” Our primary mission is advocating for patient access to Full Spectrum herbal Medicinal Cannabis extracts and dried herb Cannabis; in a manner which is safe, effective, affordable, equitable and favourable for patients, for the dignified relief of suffering. Delta Tetra supports UIC on providing current and up-to- date information to patient groups and healthcare professionals.

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