Project Assessment

At Delta, we understand every journey takes a first step. We will work with you to give your business an in-depth understanding of the legal, technical and financial implications and viability of your project in this new and innovative market. We have a strong team and network, both local and international, of dedicated individuals whom will streamline your project to its full potential.

Technical Reviews

With every new industry comes unique and interesting questions and opportunities. Delta Tetra will work with your team to identify potential expansion opportunities to your current business model.

Through our technical reviews the team at Delta Tetra can ensure we haven’t left any I’s without a dot or T’s without a cross. When it comes to your business plan and approach in Australia’s developing Medical Cannabis industry, with Delta Tetra Consultancy, together we can build strong foundations for long term success.

Fit & Proper Person Analysis

At this point in time, Australia’s Medical Cannabis industry requires rigorous Fit & Proper Persons checks. With Delta Tetras experience and stewardship, we can ensure your team navigates this regulatory requirement as plainly and as simply as possible.

Regulatory Applications

Delta Tetra is fully versed in the newly legislated regulatory requirements. We stay ahead of all upcoming regulation and pride ourselves on building familiarity with relevant regulatory bodies.

This applies to:

  1. Cultivation, Production, Manufacturer and Research licenses.
  2. All Federal legislation
  3. State Legislation:

    • Victoria
    • New South Wales
    • Queensland
    • Western Australia
    • South Australia
    • Tasmania
  4. All relevant governmental departments.

The team at Delta Tetra will assist you in ensuring your Australian Medical Cannabis license application and ongoing state and federal regulatory compliance is a seamless process.

Facility Blueprint & Design

At Delta Tetra, we consider all elements of your business before taking a chosen path. When we consider the elements of a business that can have a direct impact on the overall productivity, consistently, one of the primary influences is Facility Design.

By adopting a thoughtful and considered approach to Facility Design we can create an environment that allows your team and business to not only grow, but to blossom. Whether you are Cultivating or Manufacturing, Facility Design will play a huge role in the overall success of your business – so, with Delta Tetra, let’s make sure we get it right.

Facility Safety & Facility Environment

Installing up-to- date and proper environmental control systems in a commercial cannabis facility is of paramount importance to plant health and productivity as well as pest/disease control. This is imperative to maximising facility efficiency.

Delta Tetra will ensure you have the leading environmental control systems relevant to the climate in which your facility is located. Ensuring a ‘goldilocks’ environment for your plants and products to thrive in.

Facility Safety is an important consideration during any planning phase. As such, we commit to ensuring your facility is fully compliant with the required safety and environmental regulations. We will also provide your team with an Environmental and Safety Management System to ensure ongoing compliance.

Facility Product & Security

Legal Medical Cannabis cultivation and extraction facilities in Australia have the potential to be targeted for crime and theft. Due to the nature of a commercial cannabis grow facility it is essential that security iIs of the upmost importance.

At Delta Tetra, we have extensive domestic and international experience in the standards required for securing a modern-day medical cannabis facility. We will support your business with experience and expertise around regulatory requirements for your facility.

You can be rest assured the team at Delta Tetra Consultancy are as concerned with your security and safety as you are. With our consistent support and Security Management Systems we can ensure your ongoing regulatory compliance and your peace of mind.

Seed & Genetic Evaluation

When analyzing an approach to commercial medical cannabis facilities, the cultivar (strain) selection plays a pivotal role in the production of that medicine. Delta Tetra has a broad and extensive understanding of cannabis breeds, strains and phenotypes.

The team at Delta can assist in genetic sourcing and offer detailed advice & recommendations for strains and genetics that would best suit your business needs.

Consumables & Hardware

One of the many ways Delta Tetra is able to give great value to our clients is through the procurement of consumables & hardware. Here at Delta Tetra we have an extensive experience with hydroponic facilities, cultivation techniques, associated equipment and vendor resources. The team at Delta Tetra will provide objective and reliable assessments when sourcing premium hardware for the cultivation method selected.

Cultivation methodology & Training

With any commercial cannabis operation, the key is in the cultivation. With Delta Tetra supporting your team we can ensure you have the adequate skills and knowledge to produce the highest quality plants.

Delta Tetra will advise and educate your team regarding the best cultivation protocols as well as full nutrition and feeding schedules with the goal of maximising quality and yield. Should your business require it, we can organize the correct people to design Cultivation Management Systems that will optimize product quality and yields, as well as allow full tracking of the process from seed acquisition to harvesting.

Whether indoor hydroponic, outdoor or no-till organic – the team at Delta Tetra can give you he skills you need to select and cultivate a premium product.

Harvesting, Storage & Waste

At Delta Tetra, facility safety and our environmental footprint is important to us. It is the company’s responsibility to our clients and to the environment to give due consideration to the impacts of the facilities and activities conducted.

With this ethos in mind Delta Tetra has a range of SOP’s for best practices relating to Harvesting, Storage & Waste. The Harvesting & Storage section of your grow has great importance when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your crop and product.

Delta Tetra will work with you to create suitable procedures to ensure full optimisation and quality retention is observed during the Harvesting & Storage phases.

We here at Delta Tetra will provide Waste & Disposal options in compliance with all State and Federal regulations through-out Australia.

Transport & Logistics

Delta Tetra can provide a range of compliant solutions for all storage and transport related logistics associated with ‘seed-to-sale’ projects. All transport & logistics’ solutions will be compliant with state and federal regulations through-out Australia.

Project Management

Delta Tetra offers full-scale project management for those businesses who need the complete package

Delta Tetra takes a full capacity role within your project, designing and implicating all elements of your business plan in conjunction with the company’s goals and needs. Through our full project management package, you can be rest assured you have the complete support of Delta Tetra behind your project.

This option is best suited to those not just looking at building a business, but growing a long-standing identity and brand.

Brand Diversification

In this modern age of transparency, it is not enough to simply build a company with a great product and good ethos. Delta understands that a brand must embody a higher purpose and this can be achieved through brand diversification. Our team can help focus on exploring all opportunities for your business, product or service.

We can advise your company on industry trends and developments, ensuring you will never be ‘left in the dark’ as our industry grows and changes around us. Delta Tetra prides itself in its knowledge of international and local cannabis industries.

Team Training & Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) & Ongoing Team Training is a severely under-appreciated element of many businesses today. Delta Tetra offers unique services around HR, focussing on getting the very best out of the unique individuals working within your company already.

Employment within the Australian Medical Cannabis industry can be a challenging and labour intensive endeavour. With Delta Tetra, we can plan and implement training and seminars to prepare your team and company for the new challenges ahead of them.

This applies to:

  • Recruitment & Hiring
  • Performance Management
  • Staff Training
  • Employee Relations
  • Employee State & Federal Regulatory Compliance.
  • Day-to- Day Oversight of Production and Post-Production.

Networking Opportunities and R&D

Networking and R&D can be the lifeblood of a company moving forward. The team at Delta Tetra understand the need to consistently push for higher standards, better quality and new opportunities.

Through our Networking and R&D services will ensure your business is consistently optimised with relevant technological improvements and shifts in standard-bearing best industry practices.

Delta Tetra can take the pressure of understanding the shifts and tremors throughout an entire industry, leaving you to do what you do best – running your Medical Cannabis company in Australia.