Project Management

Delta Tetra offers full-scale project management for those businesses who need the complete package

Delta Tetra takes a full capacity role within your project, designing and implicating all elements of your business plan in conjunction with the company’s goals and needs. Through our full project management package, you can be rest assured you have the complete support of Delta Tetra behind your project.

This option is best suited to those not just looking at building a business, but growing a long-standing identity and brand.

Brand Diversification

In this modern age of transparency, it is not enough to simply build a company with a great product and good ethos. Delta understands that a brand must embody a higher purpose and this can be achieved through brand diversification. Our team can help focus on exploring all opportunities for your business, product or service.

We can advise your company on industry trends and developments, ensuring you will never be ‘left in the dark’ as our industry grows and changes around us. Delta Tetra prides itself in its knowledge of international and local cannabis industries.

Team Training & Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) & Ongoing Team Training is a severely under-appreciated element of many businesses today. Delta Tetra offers unique services around HR, focussing on getting the very best out of the unique individuals working within your company already.

Employment within the Australian Medical Cannabis industry can be a challenging and labour intensive endeavour. With Delta Tetra, we can plan and implement training and seminars to prepare your team and company for the new challenges ahead of them.

This applies to:

  • Recruitment & Hiring
  • Performance Management
  • Staff Training
  • Employee Relations
  • Employee State & Federal Regulatory Compliance.
  • Day-to- Day Oversight of Production and Post-Production.

Networking Opportunities and R&D

Networking and R&D can be the lifeblood of a company moving forward. The team at Delta Tetra understand the need to consistently push for higher standards, better quality and new opportunities.

Through our Networking and R&D services will ensure your business is consistently optimised with relevant technological improvements and shifts in standard-bearing best industry practices.

Delta Tetra can take the pressure of understanding the shifts and tremors throughout an entire industry, leaving you to do what you do best – running your Medical Cannabis company in Australia.