Seed & Genetic Evaluation

When analyzing an approach to commercial medical cannabis facilities, the cultivar (strain) selection plays a pivotal role in the production of that medicine. Delta Tetra has a broad and extensive understanding of cannabis breeds, strains and phenotypes.

The team at Delta can assist in genetic sourcing and offer detailed advice & recommendations for strains and genetics that would best suit your business needs.

Consumables & Hardware

One of the many ways Delta Tetra is able to give great value to our clients is through the procurement of consumables & hardware. Here at Delta Tetra we have an extensive experience with hydroponic facilities, cultivation techniques, associated equipment and vendor resources. The team at Delta Tetra will provide objective and reliable assessments when sourcing premium hardware for the cultivation method selected.

Cultivation methodology & Training

With any commercial cannabis operation, the key is in the cultivation. With Delta Tetra supporting your team we can ensure you have the adequate skills and knowledge to produce the highest quality plants.

Delta Tetra will advise and educate your team regarding the best cultivation protocols as well as full nutrition and feeding schedules with the goal of maximising quality and yield. Should your business require it, we can organize the correct people to design Cultivation Management Systems that will optimize product quality and yields, as well as allow full tracking of the process from seed acquisition to harvesting.

Whether indoor hydroponic, outdoor or no-till organic – the team at Delta Tetra can give you he skills you need to select and cultivate a premium product.

Harvesting, Storage & Waste

At Delta Tetra, facility safety and our environmental footprint is important to us. It is the company’s responsibility to our clients and to the environment to give due consideration to the impacts of the facilities and activities conducted.

With this ethos in mind Delta Tetra has a range of SOP’s for best practices relating to Harvesting, Storage & Waste. The Harvesting & Storage section of your grow has great importance when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your crop and product.

Delta Tetra will work with you to create suitable procedures to ensure full optimisation and quality retention is observed during the Harvesting & Storage phases.

We here at Delta Tetra will provide Waste & Disposal options in compliance with all State and Federal regulations through-out Australia.

Transport & Logistics

Delta Tetra can provide a range of compliant solutions for all storage and transport related logistics associated with ‘seed-to-sale’ projects. All transport & logistics’ solutions will be compliant with state and federal regulations through-out Australia.