The Team

Meet the Delta Tetra team: Australia’s specialised professional medical cannabis consulting firm. With the team at Delta Tetra everyone contributes, everyone has ideas and everyone has a voice. With our drive for exceptional standards, our hard work translates in to your success.

  • Tim Oates - CEO - Delta Tetra Consultancy

    Tim Oates

    Chief Executive Officer & Founder

    Tim has a background focused on client relations, business development and media and marketing with an emphasis on people and communications. This skill set was developed during employment with Apple Inc for 4 years, where Tim was responsible for customer relations as well staff and management training roles.

    After leaving Apple, Tim joined a prominent horticultural company as Media and Marketing Manager. While in this role Tim was responsible for marketing strategies and customer experience as well as business development.

    Prior to moving to Australia in 2015, Tim was prominently involved in the UK medical cannabis initiative, working with some of the industry’s global leaders and has acquired a comprehensive cannabis industry knowledge-set and network base. Tim has worked tirelessly to innovate and progress sensible approaches to cannabis legislation across Europe. This has led to an applicable and practical knowledge of the cannabis industry globally as well as a wealth of experience in medical cannabis and its relating nuances.

    As Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Delta Tetra Consultancy, Tim is responsible for the daily management of Delta Tetra and client care.

  • Hamish Barakat - CFO - Delat Tetra Consultancy

    Hamish Barakat

    Chief Financial Officer & Founder

    Prior to earning his degree in Business Commerce at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia in 2015, Hamish developed his international business skills with an involvement in domestic several start-ups and medical cannabis operations in America. Hamish has a vast knowledge of the regulated cannabis markets with a specialization in botanical extraction. Moreover, with personal and professional connections to the overseas medical cannabis markets, Hamish possesses a knowledgeable data base of the regulated cannabis industry and its best business practices.

    Since joining Delta Tetra in late 2016, Hamish has brought a wealth of experience regarding operating commercial scale medical cannabis businesses as well as the astute financial oversight required in a new and developing industry.

    As Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer for Delta Tetra Consultancy, Hamish is for responsible for all financial and economic oversight.

  • Janelle Hanley - Regulatory Specialist & QA - Delta Tetra Consultancy

    Janelle Hanley

    Regulatory Affairs Officer & QA

    Janelle joined the Delta Tetra team in early 2017, arriving with an extremely impressive reputation for Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. Janelle is a highly experienced Quality Assurance Specialist with over 22 years’ experience in Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs.

    Janelle possesses an extensive background in complementary Medical Cannabis Regulations, Complementary medicine, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical manufacturing and Drug Manufacture with a strong track record in quality auditing. Janelle’s longstanding experience has led her to be a quick thinker with excellent communication skills, couple with her unparalleled industry knowledge – this makes Janelle one of Australia leading Regulatory & QA specialists.

    Janelle stands alone when it comes to her knowledge and experience with the ODC & TGA. This is demonstrated by the fact that Janelle completed the regulatory compliance applications that lead to an Australian business securing the first set of 3 (Cultivation, Manufacture & Research) licenses from the Office of Drug Control.

    Janelle is responsible for all regulatory affairs and quality assurance at Delta Tetra.

  • Chris Nasr - Business Development Manager

    Chris Nasr

    Business Development Manager

    Chris joined the Delta Tetra team in early 2018 playing a key role in business development and strategy.

    Chris is a motivated entrepreneur, business leader and visionary. Arriving with a wealth of cannabusiness experience with an emphasis on commercial operations and deal flow, Delta Tetra is excited to have added a proven grassroots talent to our ranks.

    As the founder of Leafcann, Chris has demonstrated an exemplary track record for opportunity identification and deal flow – a key skillset for any budding start-up or business. Chris offers a unique practical understanding of strategy and operations specifically cultivated under Australian regulations.

    Chris’s focus at Delta Tetra is to develop and orchestrate both domestic and international supporting partners. The Delta Tetra BDM role has been tasked with identifying industry leading innovation and best practices, with the express purpose of tailoring solutions for Australia's medical cannabis groups.

    Chris is responsible for strategic partnerships and deal flow at Delta Tetra.